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Poem on What Could Have Been

Could have been sailing with you now.

Going on adventures on the high seas.

Synchronizing our pulsing beats to the movements of the waves.

Wishing to turn back time.

You give me hope with talks of “someday.”

Would have given our lives for the present moment.

Enjoying each second before the clock ran out.

Entwining our bodies together.

Becoming one optimistic being.

Instead we are praying for the inevitable “someday.”

Should have never left emotions unsaid.

Creating this ocean sized gap between our souls.

Relying on sound waves to carry us across.

Fighting against timing on different paths.

Scared of never reaching that glorious “someday.”

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Bridget Barnes
Bridget Barnes

Hi, my name is Bridget Barnes. Hoping this is a stepping stone to making my passion for writing a career.Feel free to leave a tip if you enjoy the story as much I enjoyed writing.

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