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Some Days

A Poem for My Madness, 2:16 AM.

A random picture I took last summer.

Some days waking up is hard

When my dreams are more than I wake up to be

Some days showering is hard

When I know all my thoughts will finally catch up to me

Some days eating is hard

When I can’t make a decision on what to even have

Some days drinking is hard

When all I want is something to drown my anxiety

Some days walking is hard

When all I want to do is run

Some days talking is hard

When I want to scream away the voices convincing me I can be more

Some days breathing is hard

When I am not even sure I should still be here

Some days loving is hard

When all I want is for you to hate me

Some days sleeping is hard

When I dream that you leave

Because sometimes I can’t even fathom performing basic human functions

Some days I need you to love me

When I can’t even remember how to feel

Because some days

It is just too hard to be.

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Some Days
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