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Some Attitude

A Slam Poem

Being a woman,

we are expected to walk with a kick in our step

But the expectation is just an examination,

Being a woman, we have our flaws; 

our attitude is not one of them.

You see our attitude is necessary, 

vital for our living.

It’s vital for protection in a world of inception.

A world of deception, 

and a world of conception.

Our attitude is necessary for that day when a man chooses to degrade us;

When we are no less than perfect, 

but almost a half- centimeter away from

Knocking his teeth onto that pavement created for doing so.

This attitude is meant for society and its redundant rules

Who says a woman can’t do this, and a woman can’t do that?

Its complacent talk but women can do everything.

So dear men almighty, 

being a woman doesn’t mean we wake up with the attitude that we do, 

being woman doesn’t mean we have signs posted on our bodies saying:

"come and put your hands on us, we need to be touched,"


Having a man beside us, 

constantly construing what we are,


and directing such show, 

is not our oxygen.

So don’t act as if we need you, 

its just, 


if we have time.

I’m not trying to shut you down, but I sure am trying to shut you up.

We fight back because we prefer to do it ourselves,

Because we prefer to deter the lightning bolt comments

and creating feminism has a purpose,

a purpose to give women the advantage of equality

but really society is building men up,

empowering them with high paid jobs and giving them the right of way to dictate. 

And dictate 

and dictate.

Men aren’t being held from knowledge

and men surely aren’t being shot in the head at point blank range

by society, 

to prevent even the slightest power from reaching their fingertips.

So with some attitude that women have these days 

surely isn’t to be questioned,

Our bodies shouldn’t be questioned,

and you’re only pushing the limit when saying

“Oh you must be on your period with that attitude”

because you really have a way with words don’t you?

I’m sorry that our anatomy is constructed to renew and replace,

I’m sorry that we have a functioning body to rid of the old,

I’m sorry that we can’t control what we were blessed with,

So when we are renewing OUR BODY,

it doesn’t mean that we need your aid in identifying it, 


Our attitude can stretch as wide as that girl’s mouth 

in the Carls Jr. commercial

What is that? 

Now you’re trying to put a figure to us,

You are trying to tell us that we need to fit into a tiny size eight,

are you trying to tell us that our boobs aren’t what you expected

or our butts aren’t that big?

Did you really complain that my hair was too short?

Are you kidding me?

You are pretentious, 

constantly pillaging, 


and ruthlessly ranting for more.

Just be cautious, 

because the attitude we were equipped with

needs to be caressed with respect,

because in the long run, 

we are the ones that will continue such a blood line called humanity 

if we so choose,

We started this mess, 

and we could end it 




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Some Attitude
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