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My Dearest Friend


My best friend

No greater joy I have found in any, other than you

God's truth I speak, for all my words are true

Take my soul to Nirvana

Take my spirit to Utopia

I confide in you

My deepest secrets I sing to you

A boy becomes a man now

And I am lost in the focus of joy town

Drowning in my thoughts

Sucked into the vortex of all my faults

The happiness in my heart is limitless

Yet there is a dark cloud over my head of sadness

Psyche swims deep, that some cogitations become intrusive

Other times, I have lofty dreams anything far from repulsive

Who I am and what I am, only my best friend knows

Cutting loose my restraints, I am where the vicious eagle goes

A man is now an island, his spirit now the ocean

Ample liberation for the mind in uncontrollable motion

Bliss to the tender heart, darkness to the mind that breeds a sinister notion

The solitude I trust

For it shall never betray me

With you at my side, I fear no bust

With the savagery of the heart, the world could not tame me.

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Pacho Poetry
Pacho Poetry

There is nothing more satisfying than finding joy in who we are and become. I am a glass half full and a work in progress. Poetry is my means of CATHARSIS and Music is my THERAPY#ToLoveAndBeLoved

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