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Open for Kicks

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

Let me keep my solace
Red and furious and blue
Keep it Monday, keep it Sunday
Let me bite the sands of brew.

Cheer comes from places not wanted
I seek faith but gain just a low
Samsung fails me from this dark place
Cheese witholding the reality I face

Keep it together you say
I'm too far down to do as you ask
Make me a porter, black drink
Don't be surprised when I turn you away

Lay my sorrows down evenkeeled
Keep it Monday but nevertheless
I'll be alright now, I'll be alright
Just let me keep my solace tonight.

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Ian Hazelton
Ian Hazelton

I am a freelance blogger and transman. Feminist. Activist. Dog Lover. 

I have a trans-related blog at https://atransgenderblog.blogspot.com - check it out if you like my writing.

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