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Dusk & Dawn

Fox River Twilight / Meka Carter

Gradations of orange and blue, caught my eyes over blinding white beams of opposing headlights. I paused my schedule for a few minutes to stop and stare in awe of you. Because when I am unable to greet you at light. I must witness your sweet kiss as you whisper, “I will return, sleep tight.”

Daybreak in your presence, lets me express appreciation for another patio session. Warm mug of coffee in hand. Deep inhalations of Nutty Caramel and morning dew. The gift of sitting in silence to welcome streams of bright rays on my milk chocolatey hued skin from you. A gift from the heavens even when I rise in a dull mood.

Admittedly, some dawns are harder than others. But no matter my disposition when I lay my head, I never rise ungratefully for a new opportunity to leave my bed. To open my eyes and give life another try. To witness all the joys of a new day. Basking in your glow makes it awfully difficult to favor sheltering myself and wasting the hours away.

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