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Soiled Bill Fold

Gray Chronicles

Mary mary under roses,

Takes a drink then she poses,

On the sink dancing noses,

Dressed in pink but exposes

Billy Billy getting silly,

With his blade at his belly,

Getting late pretty chilly,

She Starts to fade but doesnt fully

Silly billy sees her curls,

And her neck wrapped in pearls,

Wants to watch how she twirls,

Takes a step while she swirls,

Mary fairy on the pole,

Hits the floor and does a roll,

Billy laughing cant control

Drags her body to a hole,

Willy dilly dally dumb,

Billy playing with a gun,

Sees a cop but doesnt run,

Acts like hes just having fun.

Pow pow pitter paved

He Fires shots but only shaves

Officer botts shoulder blade,

Hes cashed a check his ass cant pay

Pow pow pitter thump

Botts is down billy jumps

Off the ground on a bump,

Turns around to marys hump.

His feet sink in and her hands pull

The dirty legs of this old fool,

Soft dug soil sinking him under,

Forced upon his soul into the devils thunder.

He screams for help but no one listens,

Even the wind cease to Bliss him,

He looks up to catch his breathe,

Because the earth is at his chest

He breathes out slow and tries to pray

Asking god for another day,

The sinking stops, dirts at his neck,

And this is how he'll pay his check.

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Soiled Bill Fold
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