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Society of Love

The Waiting Game

There was a time when all it was was a smile, a note, a letter, a glimpse across a room, an actual date, a thought, an actual intention to be someones love...

Now, it is aggressive.

Everyone is insecure about everything.

Desperate for love. Gripping at their sleeves to try to tear their hearts off and put it back into their chests but, we all see the desperation.

Dating sites to help us curve our hunger for love. That pure love that no one wants to talk about.

That love where we genuinely care about how others feels, we take care of our partner and adjust ourselves as necessary to make things better. A love unknown to many, even myself.

We cry out for it, we overdose for it, we go psychotic and abusive for it, and yet, we do not wait for it.

We date and lust and lust and date some more because we are too impatient to just wait. To just wait. To just get ourselves healed and take care of 'us' so that when there is a time for 'we' we are not abusive, manipulative, controlling, undervalued, unappreciated, we add to the relationship rather than ruin it all.

What is so wrong with waiting? With dating just one person? With lingering in ourselves and genuinely enjoying our days and nights alone? This desperation to not be alone and to seek happiness in others is ruining us to our core.

I think I'll just wait. So here I am just waiting.

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Society of Love
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