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Society Downfall


It's me

It's you

It's the whole world too

Causing this thing but ain't gotta clue

It's society

It's the social media

Creating this damn insomnia

The world going crazy

Moving so fast I'm feeling so hazy

Need a lay down but you calling me lazy

Society saying you ain't perfect

I'm telling you that you are worth it

Don't believe the edited pictures

Saying you need muscles a six pack

That's all lies

Causing the cries

You perfect how you are

I'm telling you from afar

You amazing you're above par

Above average believe me

I'll shout this message even when I D.I.E.

And girls don't lose sleep

Trust me it ain't that deep

I've believed this for a long while

The only curve you need is a damn smile

Your imperfections

Are your pure perfections

The things that cause those affections

Society think before you talk

Those who judge can't walk the walk

You don't know where people have Been

Don't know the life they've seen

So hush up and look beyond

Speak now and you've already wronged

Think before you start trouble

Some people are on top starting from rubble

Don't go out your way to burst their bubble

Make them cry

Just by speaking a hell of a lie

No one out there is worthless

We all got value

Shouldn't take me to fucking tell you

Why do people judge?

Because they gotta a grudge

Not for a reason

It changes every damn season

Those who judge are worse off than you

They ain't got a brain they have no clue

Just be you

It's me

It's you

It's the whole fucking world too

But now I'm having a pop

To all these models please stop

You ain't perfect you washed up

And seeing the "perfect" I've had enough

We all have insecurities

Wake up and use your ingenuities

You perfect to somebody else

That's who you impress

Not some clown looking to oppress

So turn this up and just listen

Let's make a world where pain and hurt is all Fiction

I may sound like a contradiction

But just listen

Together we make pain Fiction

Giving life and humans trash it

Should have it rebooted because:

God Created Beauty

Humans made it a dump

Now a President Cunt that’s Donald Trump 

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Society Downfall
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