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Social Media

A Poem


24/7 we see images what we want to be. The small waist and pretty face. The flashy cars, gold bars, diamond teeth, and diamond rings! We start to grow pretty green. We make up this make believe thinking we can keep up with the bling. HA! How silly are we. 😂 We became duplicators! And not originators. We should be freedom riders and not copywriters! Why are we acting like toddlers? Open your eyes 👀 it’s all a disguise. So wake up! You guys are running a muck! Acting like fucking ducks. 🦆 Let’s keep it a buck we really don’t want to live that ruff, be that tough. You guys don’t want to work hard and build that wealth. You guys are just happy that you have your health which equals wealth. Ladies look into the mirror and hug yourself and say “I love myself” that’s how you better yourself. Be about yourself, Know yourself.What you see through that screen is not what it really seems. On the gram it’s full of scams. Full of people acting like they really got it and they really about it. You don’t know how they got it. They are committing fraud to be in aahhhhh. 🤩 Just stay in your lane because it’s all a game.

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Social Media
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