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SoCal Girls Do It Better

A nod to my heritage, as well as a satire piece towards the girls that I know best. Just a warning: This piece is not a true depiction of SoCal girls and the lifestyle but it more so loosely based off of my life in SoCal and view towards SoCal girls and the lifestyle. Don't take it seriously.

I am a SoCal rat.

A member of the 

elite and ambigious 

SoCal rat pack.

Envied by millions

around the world

hated by NorCal natives

and loved by 

the Tribe 


We are 




in paychecks or 

by the means 

of the lifestyle 

we live.

Obivious to 

how good we have it. 

We are

the blondest of blonde.

We have

the saltiest of salt hair.

We are

sunburnt all of the time

but still love bronzer.

We talk by saying


to start off

every sentence.

We have our own language

that only we understand.  

We say 

"you guys"



to any girl 


or anyone in between;

young or old--

instead of 


We say opposites


"yeah, no"

which means 


The beach is all we've known

and it's what we only do.

We may play some softball

or volleyball in between,

but the beach

is life.






every swell 

with every sunny


rainy day--

we're out there

with our fellow

Rat Pack members

cos surf is life

When there's no swell;

we head to the skate parks

that line our Southland

or find empty streets 

to carve up in our 

checkered slip on Vans

that compete 

with the boys

and their style.

When your gang

is there

by your side

and a South swell

comes through,

or its a good day at the park;

nothing else matters.

This is the life.

This is why you're here.

Why I'm here.

Why they're here.

This is the life

and it's a great life. 

Speaking of boys,  

we like our boys

just like us;






or baseball boys

in the off-season.

We are fluent in


Coachella season

is the only season

in SoCal 

and it's the only season

that matters.

We know 

every concert 

within 50-miles. 

We'll travel anywhere

for them

even if the 405

to the 605

to the 5

to the 101

is backed up

like hell. 

We also know

how to 

p a r t y.

We party often

and hard

and we know 


so that we can 

to get us into 

a l l 


p a r t i e s .

We bicker

about our 

equally as blonde

and tan boyfriends

cheating on 

our "best friends"

who are as fake

as our nails

and Instagram feeds.

We know that we're all tens.

We know that 

we can be choosy


we're beautiful. 

We like our coffee iced

or preferably,

just a double carmel Frap

with extra whip. 

Our moms know our 

Starbucks orders

and stay at home

to boss around the help

and merly watch the house.

Our moms

drop off the kids

at baseball



or surf practice

in their G-Wagons

in between nail 

and hair appointments. 

Our dads

work too much

or they work too little.

Either way, 

they divorce our moms.

All of us strive

to either stay in 

our blessed Southland

and go to USC


or UCI

to make our parents proud.

Or we head north

to rebel and to

"get away from it all". 

Some of us leave

to just get 

pretigious titles

behind our names

so we can make enough 

money to return back.

Some of us leave

for a while. 

Some of us never come back.


But at the end of the day,

SoCal will always be us

It will always be home,

our blessed home. 

You are apart of the

The Rat Pack,

wiether you like it 

or not. 

We will probably

all crawl back 


after college

and traveling

thousands of miles

only to realize that 

our true path

is back home,

to the places we were

born and have grown 

to know 

and love. 

Yes, the

traffic may suck.

There may be

too many people

and it's getting worse

by the year.

The smog might 

be the cause

of all of our deaths.

But the

sunny days


and constant 

things to do

year round

is what keeps us 

coming back.

The friends

that stay or leave

still leave or stay

with their identity.

Being a SoCal native

is an identity. 

It's your heritage.

You have to be proud

of who you are. 

SoCal is a great place

to grow up

wiether you realize it or not.

SoCal is home. 

Even if you may

not like it

for a period of your life

or a long period

of your life;

you are 

and always will be

apart of the 

SoCal Rat Pack. 

From the quintessential SoCal Gidget-grom

and a proud member of the 

SoCal Rat Pack;



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SoCal Girls Do It Better
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