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So Be It. Oxymoron!

Self Reflection, Introvertion of Extroverted Perception

A half life. A double negative. Quarter full of a half, Indecisive pessimist.

Which side of the grass is softer? More lush? Allergens? Dust?

Dusk or Dawn, day and night, 

Crucial choices are waiting to be made.

Errornous mistakes. Chances of fate.

Roll the dice? Plan and prepare?

Inevitable, futile, forboding, ominous.

Negligent to the choice of any, and all.

Hypocritical of time. Material; matter, tangible, solid, factual. Show me state.

Belief in reason, honor ethics. Karma's cloudy, so what is in the gray area?

Right from wrong.

What is and who is to say?

What qualifies one to state such a claim? 

Hard facts? Heresy? Knowledge? Wisdom. Experience. 


Live; breathe, be fear nothing. Acceptance of self, expectation of self.

Satisafaction of all, 

Know thy self. Learn. Knowledge is forever...

Experience is adventure.

Clarity is vision.

Life is simple.

Live, breathe, procreate, feast, love, lust, purity of self. 


Expect this: Anything. Everything, all at once. Not at all, and never again.

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So Be It. Oxymoron!
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