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A Purging

Image: Qimono

Insulating, encapsulating my thoughtforms

Defy norms, intern me in dorms, compartmentalize

Idolize the peace behind its eyes, its wrath its rage its fury

The world blurs, deters me from sight

It rolls me up tight, dark night, inward I fight

Footprints in white powder, branches droop

The oak bows and the sows huddle, cuddle


Jealous of the evergreen, blinded by sun,

Weak rays pass between

The thing that weighs me down

I used to wear it like a crown

Can I give myself to many

Can I give up myself

am I that steady?

Losing myself just to find me

Wondering what it is that comes next

A longing inside to push all my limits

Fear isn't the only thing pounding in my chest

Everything is melting away

What we're left with is real

It's ugly, it's broken, and we are all corpses

Just looking for new ways to feel

Looking for new ways to heal

I'm naked, I'm crawling, I'm wounded

A perpetual state of decay

When the snow and ice melt

All the abscess will then slough away

It cleanses, hides, and destroys

Purges, kills urges and ploys

The snow and the wind they massacre

Everything dies

When all life rescinds

New life begins

I'm not ready for this

No not really

But forward is the only way

I've got so much to give

And more life to live

Why would I horde love away?

Maybe I'll want me one day.

JA Laflin
JA Laflin

Born in the US Pacific NorthWest, JA Laflin loves the metro areas as well as the beautiful Oregon scenery. They run a small publishing company and have authored fiction, poetry, graphic novels, and dabbled extensively in music and the arts.

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