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Smoke of My Heart

It Takes a Second to Addiction

Take my pain and fade away

I bought my first pack of cigarettes today,

How disappointing

Why do i like to hurt myself?

Instead of taking it out on who hurt me.

I didn’t know how to open the pack

I cried,

There was wind i couldn’t light it

I cried,

Put the cigaret between my lips

Wait, am i really doing this?

I cried,

So how are you supposed to feel exactly?

Should i be happy now or am i expecting too much again?

One cigaret... 5 cigarets...

The pain is still making me frown

Oh how i hated the smell of this,

So why am i doing this now?

I cried,

So weak and pathetic.

For crying,

I cried.

How you hurt me wanted me to smoke,

I would never understand the correlation.

I was thinking about you,

How you faded away just like that smoke

How unfair this is, the universe was against me, mother nature why didn’t you warn me ?

Why were there stars in the clear skies and the weather was nice.

Should’ve been thundering from my anger,

Raging winds for my racing heart

Should’ve been cloudy like my eyes.

How disappointing,

When i fell for you,

The weather was nice and everything felt perfect.

So why am i sitting here trying to figure out how to smoke a cigaret?

I cried. 

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Smoke of My Heart
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