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For the Happy Moments in Life

Wild, unforgiving

A true smile is one that is shamelessly

Soaked with delight

Lips parted in utter amusement.

The dimple that appears on your cheeks is

One that I would not mind kissing.

Your laugh sounds like church bells,

Deep and musical.

Your grin, a beam of sunshine on any cloudy day.

You light up my life with every brush of

Your lips against my own.

And I love that little smirk you do

When you know you're getting away with something good;

Like a kid stealing from a cookie jar.

You make me smile every day


And unforgiving.

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Anastasia Grant
Anastasia Grant

Hello to all! My name is Anastasia Grant. I'm 20 years old and I love writing poetry. My writing topics mostly revolve around love and personal thoughts, opinions, or experiences. Thank you for reading and supporting my work!

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