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Smells of Seasons

Fall smells of dying leaves.

The are certain smells 

of certain places 

and certain times of year. 

The smell of spring 

is a soft smell of flowers 

rain and dirt. 

It smells of hope and sunshine. 

It smells of the freedom of summer. 

Of growth and transformation. 

Spring smells clean and soft. 

Summer smells of the ocean, 

BBQ and sunscreen. 

Of long days and being outside. 

It smells of love and dancing. 

Fall smells of apples 

and dying leaves. 

It smells of the parts 

of yourself you hide away. 

Of football games and bonfires. 

The beginning 

and the end 

at the same time. 

Winter smells sharp and crisp.

You can often smell the cold. 

It smells of rest 

and recooperation. 

It smells of small secret growth, 

of slowing down. 

Of burgers, soups 

and hot chocolate. 

Taking the time to notice 

the smells of the season 

is taking the time to notice yourself.

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Emma Bradley
Emma Bradley

I graduated from The University of Maine at Farmington, with a degree in creative writing. Born and raised in Maine but also a British citizen. 

My personal blog is at https://ebpidden.wixsite.com/pipusmag

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