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A Poem


As I sit awake and bed I watched as my father turns into mom, kid, and sir who rapes me. I never know what to expect and I'm always alert because I never know the next person knocking on my door. Hey Kate do you wanna play? Well I'm your friend so open up anyway I dash to the door with a smile on my face... Hey kid!, Hey kid! Do u wanna play?  You. You may be my only friend it's just the body you're in walk away for one minute and your mommy again. Honey its late it's time to go to bed your father wishes you good night and so does your friend. As I took in and start to close my eyes mother walks out and there again is my horrible surprise. Sir not tonight I promise I'll be good I won't yell nor scream even though I feel I should. The next morning I wake up with hurts and pains I make breakfast for my friend but add something a little strange. 30 minutes go by and my dad comes walking in with a smile on his face. Kate how have you been is what he states. He turns to his left drops to his knees and screams Kate what have you done by then I've ended my own pain slits down my wrist as my eyes roll back he holds me and says you were all I had. 

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