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Walking through the copious and prosperous field of dreams, there are things here that I've never seen, there are places here that I have never been to, a home for the lost ones, a sanctuary for those in need of peace in their souls, for those who are obfuscated by their given names and roles, for those who have been told the greatest of all lies, for those who's tears you feel percolating from every corner of the earth, for they have no hearth, delivered to freedom at birth, they seem to think that their breaths and words have no worth, they seem convinced that the only way to live is through pain and endless cogitation, never ending supplication, begging to be let go from this prison, their beliefs in themselves have not yet risen, they have yet to discern or listen to the wise words of their hearts, instead they stand alone in the darkness and slowly drip away, here with us, they cannot stay, so they they lead themselves astray, just like I did, in the forests of disaster I hid, like a child, like a kid, I fled from myself, I hated my own reflection, I couldn't take the dolorous, injurious introspection, so I ran and ran, I did not take a second to breath and finally understand, that my heart and soul had always had a plan, to deliver me into the hands of freedom, to heal me from the wounds that were to come, to help me feel love and not be numb, to help me finally grow and become, all I had to do was follow my instincts, the crumbs that would lead me to living a better life, one without hatred, one without hurt and strife, but instead, I led myself to my own destruction, the deluge of the erroneous, the inundation of the odious, malevolently harmonious, sparse emotions, I became so emotionally parsimonious, thoughts so felonious, I was filled with loneliness, lying beneath the sand, the unknown genius, absorbed by his weakness, wandering through the night, sleepless.

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Charles Freeman
Charles Freeman

Spreading the truth about our own realities to one another opens up a new page in our history.  One filled with the mellifluous sounds of laughter,  the warm feelings of love and the power of caring. So I,  will spread my truth. 

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