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Sleep Paralysis

My First Experience

I swear I hear something.

I turn slightly on my side,

glancing towards the noise.

I see nothing.

Shrugging I go to turn back over.

But I cant.

My heart speeds up a little.

Why can’t I move?

Suddenly a large mass of blackness hovers over the bed.

And I know.

I know it's bad.

I frantically try to wake my boyfriend.

Try to scream.

To move a toe even.


It’s getting bigger.

Taking up the whole side of the wall now.

I wanna cry.

I wanna scream.

Fuck, I just want to close my eyes!

It peers into me, a hellish fire eating

Away at my stomach, turning and

knotting it. I feel sick.

The feeling moves towards my chest.

There’s a weight that forms as though

an elephant took a seat.

It finally starts shrinking back down.

The feeling begins to come back slowly.

I turn away and shut my eyes.

Scared it would come back.

And knowing it would.

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Sleep Paralysis
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