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Slam Poetry 1

I was unsure what to title this, but this is best read aloud, enjoy.

At age six I realized I could sing.

At 10 I wanted to be an author—nothing has changed since.

At 12 I got my first ‘boyfriend,’ I’m sure you know how that love goes.

At 15 I felt my first heartbreak.

I also realized at 15 that heartbreak doesn’t last forever.

At 16 I realized that bad people get you into bad situations.

Don’t go there. I learnt my lesson.

At 17 I realized the pain a person caused you doesn’t last forever.

Both love and pain are only temporary.

At 18 I found the love of my life. Nothing temporary there.

I found the courage to talk about my past, it was freeing.

At 18 I realized I have done things that cause hate, cause fate and cause guys to masturbate.

I am not easily read like a book and nor am I finished writing my own story.

I am not stuck rereading the first chapter over and over, I am moving on.

I am burning the pages that caused me pain and I am rewriting my future.

I will sing from the rooftops at 21.

I will cry when my firstborn comes along.

I will hate seeing them leave at 18.

I will become a rendition of my mother that I love so much.

And all of it will be worth it. Because when I was born this was all written in the stars.

This was how it was meant to happen and no matter what age, I will be grateful for that.

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Slam Poetry 1
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