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Sketch to Masterpiece

Completion takes time.

Photo Courtesy of azur13 on iStock

Residual damage

is the kind of breakage

that doesn’t leave you

as soon as you’re free.

It lingers in your lungs

like the stain of smoke

from years of inhaling toxins.

It won’t recede easily

it takes years

of giving yourself care

and fresh air

to heal the damage.

But too many people

won’t understand

that even though

you’ve left troubled times behind,

you’re not immediately okay.

Becoming whole,

aligning the missing pieces

retrieved from all the places

where you didn’t even realize

you were chipped and lost them

is an artisan craft

worth every moment it takes

to complete.

Masterpieces are never finished

in the blink of an eye

or in just one instant.

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Sketch to Masterpiece
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