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"Sit Down, Boy!"

A Poem From My Compilation Series: Life Lessons

Let me tell you a story about life


In this journey that we all walk along on—

We tend to put on five different masks.

Pretty absurd but let me explain.

Sit down.

Let me tell you about the masks


The first mask is hope.

Like an effervescent sea under a dark and starry night

Hope is—

The feeling of the ongoing with no destination but the excitement of going unto

This is something we must hold onto.

Abide by to.

A sense of belonging in a world so uncertain.


And what does fear entail but nothing short of in everything we do.

Performance. Hatred. Sex. Relationships.



Something we feel on an everyday basis—

So strong and so within.

Let it be a part of your everyday, my boy.


In times of fear and in times of strength we feel the utmost feeling to—

Bam! Pow!



Above all, hold on to this feeling boy.

It can be temporary but it is in every step that we take.

And should carry on no matter the instance.

Make sure to live every experience with a sense of happiness, boy.

Take your happiness mask with you every step of the way.

Don't ever leave it behind.

For it precedes all the above—

Hope, fear, anger and love.

The intrinsic value will never let you down.

No matter what. Never measure happiness to those of others.

You are your own happiness.

I am happiness to you.

And you are…

Forever happiness to me.

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"Sit Down, Boy!"
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