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Sins, Power, Anger

The Story Behind

We start from scratch with nothing to hold onto,

We crawl and pull and beg,

For something we worked so hard to get.

And we feel it, for a split second,

How the weight of the world has been lifted.

But it is right back again,

Pulling us down every step of the way,

To make us keep going

And keep striving for everything we wanted to,

To achieve in the early years,

Before everything got the best of you.

We kneel and ask for forgiveness

When we can’t forgive ourselves

For the sins that run through our veins,

And the things we said we would never become.

The truth is we wanted this,

To feel the power in our hands,

To be able to hurt someone,

And crave their pain again.

It will take over your being,

And the words “I’m sorry”

Won’t be able to help.

We start from scratch with nothing to hold onto,

We crawl and pull and beg

To become the person we are today.

So it is our job to make sure,

The sins we once imprinted in this world,

Are the ones we once believed,

Were going to save our soul.

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Sins, Power, Anger
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