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Sinking Submarine


I’m in my car but it’s a submarine

The traffic lights are Christmas colored fish gleaming in the ocean’s current

The static from the radio is the monstrous waves hitting the surface

Enclosed by water, I feel suffocated, I start to get nervous

Police are sharks as they pass by in glimpses of blue, using fear to save us

I can feel the pressure of the deep sea pushing down on my shoulders

A school of yellow fish swim by as one

Always together, traveling to and from

No one looks like they’re having fun as we all race the morning sun

The console in my submarine looks so futuristic in these means

Buttons, gadgets, and other things

Im in a video game under the sea

Beep bop *boop*

Oh no I pushed something!

A window down,

I barely had time to scream

Lungs filled with my surroundings

I quickly grab and swallow my medicine from the passenger seat

All of a sudden I’m breathing again

Gills on my neck’s end

Although these pills tend to warp, bend, and make my reality feel pretend

At least I can be a part of society’s trend

Put a frown on my face like the rest of them

Swim far away from my submarine

Swim far away from what’s really me

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Sinking Submarine
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