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Sinful Secrets

A poem peering into the soul of sin and revealing the truth...

A man sees people not through mirrors,

But jagged pieces of glass

Where only parts of him scatter--

Hateful of each other, and torn

By the tyranny of blind evil

And selfish pride and lies.

What secrets sleep in the heart of a man?

He breaks his beguiled heart

By shattering the shields of peace

People wield to protect themselves--

Why does he waste his worth?

His fear hates and fears,

Fights and frightens him

Until his heart hardens and hates

Enough that his body dies!

If hate rests within us,

What secrets sleep in the heart of a man?

Time cries to awake those secrets--

Our world will face the shards of rage

If the doors of demons won’t close.

And yet, seeing our weary world

Through the many mirrors of mankind

Reflects nothing in his tainted eyes.

If hate rests within us,

What secrets sleep in the heart of a man?

Death and damnation do.

Pierre Roustan
Pierre Roustan

I am an author, adventurer, and father, living with my wife, four daughters and one son in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've trekked through tundras, waded through swamps, wandered through deserts, and swam in the Great Barrier Reef.

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Sinful Secrets
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