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Passionate Thoughts

Our fingers intertwined, so divine

I never want to lose the sweet, sweet memory of you and me

Our bodies in sync, laying on the weightless sheets

Flowing together endlessly

I want you to myself forever on this night

The passion between us feels so right

Hold on to me so tight, when I stare into your eyes

I am captivated by the beauty of your charming face

I wish you saw the grace

That comes with every swift movement you make

Our bodies together like the birds of a feather

As we fall gently floating through the sky

You give me the biggest rush, the biggest high

The softness of your skin slowly draws me in

You and me, we sin, sin, sin

Kiss me on the lips and poison me with the intoxicating taste of you

Tell me everything will be alright even if it won't

You're my only antidote

Those whispers between us, that only we will hear, never fade away, never disappear

Pull me closer, pull me near

Leave traces on my body that no one can see

Baby it's our secret, just you and me 

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