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Silky Beach

A Letter to One of Many

It's a little cold

in between my covers,

silky smooth...

You won't even look at me,

but it doesn't kill you.

Do you not get cold

as the sea does in the freezing winter?

The ocean tide, carrying me away.

I want to feel the sand between my fingers,

the salty water across my chest,

silky smooth...

I wish you saw

what I see,

amidst your crisis of being.

Sweeter than an orange;

you let bitter rawness

fill your core.

Foggy clouds all over,

hiding the color

of the sand.

You don't have

to be cold,

but you choose to.

Feel the sand in between your fingers,

the salty water across your chest,

silky smooth...

Silky smooth anxiety at the thought of

what could have happened.

-my self between dusk and dawn

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Silky Beach
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