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Silent Words

A Tribute to Unrequited Love

This wind billows like the silent words thou hath spoken, 

Piercing through the depths of my very own soul—

Wherefore dost thou keep my heart in toll?

Thither among my chest, the heart is broken. 

Thy gaze has captivated my mind, 

For during waking moments of thoughts

I am led down a path of complexed knots;

Among thither, I am utterly blind.

I presented thee a token of affection.

Poured my whole soul like the godly falls of the Heavens,

And yet thee raises the quietude weapon—

Dost thou know the stillness of waters perforates like an acid injection? 

Thou spoke words of love;

Thou spoke words of praise;

Like a sudden whirlwind, thou has altered thy's ways.

Anon among my presence, I notice a gape from above.

Dost thou know that when thee is fixed on me, 

I notice a look thither?—One that was seen on the statuesque face of Adonis;

One that was made by the deranged satyr of Faunus.

Oh, how I grow weary! We must speak those silent words feared to be spoken—ere I begin to flee. 

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Silent Words
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