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Silent Screen

A Poem

The faculty of perception is manipulated when

Voice’s tremors echoed by a passage wrote by men.

It is only here the city lights grow contrasted to see

and a blind girl bestowed the touch that tickled to glee.

Gasp! Why in all the wicked world would one listen hard to hear

future’s fraternizing plans to aid a straining ear?

His long fingers wrapped in white, kid gloves waltz octaves up and down

a pipe organ just as gaudy as a painted clown.

She had kohl’d eyes big enough to fit the earth on one orbit.

Using aim to shoot the moon in the right eye for it.

Staccato breaths on cello strings to hasten the urgent Chase

tied to tracks and in distress waiting for love’s embrace.

Your apprehension fades as the Sunrise melts the song

floating through the river’s night to hear church bells at dawn.


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Silent Screen
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