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Silent Partner

Silent Partner

Your silence seems to be my constant companion,

Staring at me through oval eyes that sparkle

Slightly less each step we take closer

To the edge.

I am edging forwards, prying open your eyelids

Desperately tying to find the sounds

That you have locked away.

Locked beneath tunnels of bone and soot,

Cartilage bent over promises that can

Never quite escape the prison you

You seem to keep yourself in.

A cell without a door that

Trembles every time I speak and the

Walls grow wetter as they shrink

And creep towards you

But it's me who's getting crushed.

Your eyes still try to talk,

They tell me secrets hidden deep,

Centuries deep.

They pour out of you

A portal from your pupil

To mine,

Sliding out of you like unwanted taxes.

I am the debtorm

Standing on your doorstep

Peeking through the curtains at the

Gold piled high,

Hoarded, like a dragon but less fierce,

More slimy.

My fingers stick to the windows as

My greed grows.

All I ask is one gold coin.

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Silent Partner
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