You aren't alone


just stay silent

But I'm thinking out loud


It's just that voice again

You know that voice you get in your head

Shhh they can hear you

No they can't

Shut it you're suppose to be silent

But I'm not speaking

Shut your mouth

My mouth isn't open

No one is supposed to know

What are you talking about

I said shut up

But I'm not talking

Shh everyone is staring

No they aren't shut up

You're disgusting

Quiet you no one is looking

Yes they are and they can see

See what

How repulsive you are

What do you mean

How distasteful you look

How sickening you really are

That's enough

They can see and you know it

Shut up

You can't hide it

I said shut up

It's no longer a secret

Be quiet!

And soon everyone will drift away

You don't know what you're talking about

You're dirt

No I'm not

You're right you're trash

Shut the fuck up!

Why you know it's true

No it's not

You see it every day


Underneath all that make up you are still disgusting


Nothing will change that


Just kill your self

Don't tell me what to do

And why not

You're just a voice you aren't real

I'm real to you


End it already

You're wrong

No one really loves you it's all a lie

You're wrong

I'm right and you know it

You're wrong

You should have never been born

Fuck you

No fuck you for acting like everything is alright

Everything is alright

No it isn't you go around half the time faking a fucking smile and pretending it's all fine and dandy


When in reality you just wanna sit in a corner and cry your eyes out


Face it you have nothing going for you


Nothing to live for


No one to go to


No one who cares and loves you


So for the sake of everyone just end it already


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Sept. 25, 2016