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Silence Is Golden

A chest full of Golden treasures.

The gold buried with the ocean.  

We are taught that silence is golden.         That it’s good to be a chest full of secrets left to drown in the ocean.  

Your pain is the treasure that someone will one day dig up and maybe learn from your mistakes. 

Maybe they won’t keep your treasures to themselves and they’ll use it to help others understand why their heart aches. 

Or maybe they’ll see the gold and keep it to themselves because that’s how more gold will be made through them. 

Sooner or later they will become their own chest full of treasure. The gold they found in you becomes lost in the gold they made themselves. In Silence.

Silence holds a promise of  security. It won’t tell your secrets to others but in return you must suffer in... In Silence . 

Isn’t that the same as running to your murderer to help you hide your body? 

Isn’t that the same as letting your bully become your place of security?

Isn’t that the same as begging your abuser to help you cover their crime?

So maybe Silence is golden. 

But so was every life that it buried in the ocean. Every Chest full of Golden treasures. 

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Silence Is Golden
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