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Silence Has a Voice


There is that moment of silence

When you are expecting an answer

Any answer

And if it does not come immediately

It seems like an eternity

It can be a very despairing moment

Your thoughts may even begin to crumble

And you feel disjointed

As your words lie on the ground

With no meaning

As you wait for an audible tone

That never reaches your ears

Silence has a voice

You must train yourself

To hear its voice

You must silence

The voice within your own self

Not doing so

Is to create possible conflict or misunderstanding

Making it impossible to hear

What the voice of silence has to say

Ignoring the silence

Questioning the silence

For an audible answer is unreasonable

Rude and self centered.

The silence has a voice

Sometimes a very powerful voice

To break the silence is to intrude

You must listen to it from your heart

Not from the brain

It cannot be processed there.

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Bobby Deese
Bobby Deese

I have been a musician, writer/songwriter off and on since I was 18 years old. Played in bands, owned a recording studio, promoted bands etc. Music and writing has always been a passion in my life. I'm retired now and doing what I love.

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Silence Has a Voice
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