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Sights Seen

Sights Wanted

Photo: oak harbor OH

Memories are sights of life that have been engraved into your mind, may they be little or big, may you need a camera to fully remember them or not. 

Rather it be a moment that the scent of the river you use to visit as a child to fish catches your nose, or the breezy melody of your grandmas wind chimes. 

A simple dream of the blossom tree you once laid  beneath to escape the summer sun. 

Memories alls come back in forms of slights we no longer have but long to see, moments in time we long to relive, the faces of loved ones we wish to see one last time. They can sometimes make life a scary thing, not all memories are wanted ones, not all memories or as clear as we’d wished they’d be. 

The older you grow, the more foggy memories of childhood begin to become, like a distant sound that’s fading to your ear, no matter how bad you focus, you just cant hear the rhythmic words with in it. 

But as you grow, the memories you once loved to replay in your mind start to be replaced with new. Your childhood seems like a distant thought you once had and now you sometimes wonder which parts were real or which parts were the loveliness of a young child’s endless imagination. 

Now you're an adult and you wish & long for those times with your imagination and sights seen through a child’s eye when the world seemed more alive.

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