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Photo by StrawberryIndigo

This poem was inspired by a day I made myself let go and just breathe. My advice is to get out of your head and find the positives, even on the bad days.


Footprints in the dirt half covered with leaves and twigs

Dried corn kernels left in piles

seemingly on purpose

A woman running

Is she late to class?

A young man resting on a low wall

Is he reading, writing, drawing, creating?

Earbuds in one ear the other left to swing alone


An excuse not to talk to others,

Yet still able to hear the conversation

Small plants growing under a tree.

Will they survive?

Is the tree kind enough to allow them?

Waving to people you know but you don't stop to talk.

Are you busy?

Do you really know them well enough

or are you just acknowledging the fact that you've seen them,

somewhere before?

Slowly walking

not to enjoy nature but because you're distracted.

A text, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

Anything and Everything grabbing your attention.

and putting it on your phone.

Shadows of leaves and branches swaying in the wind.

An older man.

A young woman on crutches.

Intellectual conversations across generations.

Karry Knight
Karry Knight

21, POC, film student living life the best I can. Genderfluid, bisexual, battling my mental health and self harm. Exploring all the things that can make me happy and learning to accept what I can't change.

Instagram: @karry_on_son

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