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Sighs of Earth

Breathing Deeply

Breathing deeply I listen, smiling as the breeze caresses my face.

 The wind makes my lungs seem cavernous as the sighs of the earth echo inside. 

Traversing my soul's corridors, the wind whips away the tightness of the day... Cobwebbed thoughts and tears fade into shadows as the sunset colors the sky.

 Pink, orange, dusted lavender... It has become my dear friend, the wind... a sweet companion while the moments pass.

Sighing, an empty soul returns to the headlights, the red, orange, green of the town... Glancing behind I enter the house, leaving the soft kisses of the breeze till another day. 

Abbey Sutton
Abbey Sutton

Hi! Welcome to my wandering thoughts. I am a musician, poet, artist, and writer, as well as a college student who works full time. Even busy as a bee in spring time, I still love to sit down with a hot coffee and write. I hope you enjoy!

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Sighs of Earth
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