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How You Have Given Everything in Your Power to Not Become Sick and You End up Sick

I'm sick and fucking tired of losing my mind,

my friends,

my money.

Oh, honey, money isn't everything, but baby, it gets me somewhere

it gets me a life

it gets me a home

it gets me food

it's my ticket to live, darling. 

Don't you dare tell me I'm nothing but a bum

I've given up everything so that you can look at me and call me someone that I'm not

I'll kill myself 

just so you can see the fucking proof.

You give me more hatred in my heart than the devil himself.

There's nothing else I could ever fucking do than tell you thanks babe 

for all that you fucking do,

baby baby baby 

I hate that word now. 

What does it even mean anymore.. c'mere, that's what it means. 

I hate it. I hate you. 

You give me everything then nothing. 

You leave me confused 

while I wonder why I'm still here.

Why the fuck am I still here





It doesn't make sense and neither do I. 

What the fuck can I do?

Write poetry. 

At least I'll leave you this when I'm gone.

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