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Shut the Front Door

Open Relationships

What ever happened to individuals being faithful in a monogamous relationship with respect?

It is a world we live in that is accepting individuals to be free spirits

Yet lowering standards to keep a man who some women feel a connect

He does not love you…he is going through changes, so she chooses to wait

Wait for the other women to bring a baby into the equation or disease

However, some people find it to a good balance for their mate

I have heard it all…Can a man be in love with two women at one time

Or is it a game that is being played that can only lead to doom

What happens when he says ask no questions and we will be fine

Open means just that…playing a game with no rules

He may claim you are the only one…that it will only bring you closer

Although, others are looking from the outside calling you a fool

Does jealous or envy ever come when you start losing quality time

An individual to allow this must have a very strong mind

Personally, I would have to let him go at the drop of a dime

Never can I give a man that much freedom to take advantage of me

However, the statistics say that most men cheat anyway

Well…before I accept lowering my standards I will set myself free

It is an agreement between two people…yet some make it work

Unfortunately, some people say why buy the cow when you can get the milk free

Wow…now look what you have created…a privileged jerk

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Shut the Front Door
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