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Show Must Go On

2019 Series

As I dream away

to a better play

where the actors are still in love

while I think towards the truth of love

I dare myself to find you

with what I have in hand

of an understanding more than I can stand

The show must go on

with my new love and a song

this show must move on

to another heart that I have found along

May my crowd be a little larger

and the women can set me free

I am no longer a one-man show

I'm walking into the freedom of

chasing, to stop and go

The show must go on

to another theme to another song

where do I end up

I don't know

My past will be behind me, that I  need to let go

I'm walking now and not running

can you be patient with me... I am coming

towards you baby, I see you near

without that hopeless fear

The show must go on

with my new love and this song

this show must move on

to a better place where I belong

Written by P.J Mimo

Copyright 2019

I'll just sit on my bench

while this storm passes me by

I'm coming for you baby

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Show Must Go On
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