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I am no longer controlled by who anyone wants me to be.

Ms. Lauryn Hill 

Ready or not. Try and fail. Try and Fail. Never stop, endless battle. 

Like endless push to be seen, heard, understood.

What? I do not understand your confusion. 

Why? Do you want to spread her legs open? 

How? Do you tell someone you want to take my purity status away and tell me it is truth. 

When? Were you going to tell me to give up. Find some grounding.

You want to go in another direction. You want to tell me, "Sorry there is 

nothing else I can do for you."

Well, F- You! Please let me release. Cut me some slack for my honesty 

and anger. 

I am a black queer woman in America. I deserve to have my on-button

pressed constantly in anger for the Queer people that died too soon 

without affirmation that their lives mattered. 

Tired of isolation in the community that I support by my existence. 

What? Have you done for me except cause me to spin within your 


I grapple with inner pushes to shut down my blackness, so I do not speak. 

But, Who? Do you want me to be? Should I get on the table to TAP DANCE.

Recite the Oxford Dictionary? Take off my CLOTHES? Pretend that I want 

to KISS YOUR BEHIND? Holding myself back. I am holding back. I held her

back. I have been held back a month. I am potential energy stored.

Waiting to FLY FLY FLY. Three times for my favorite words "I Love You."

This is transparent. 

I am not Pleasant. 

I do not Hesitate. 

Give me some slack. Cut me from these chains. I want to be Free.

Peace of Mind. I get another chance. We get another chance, beautiful. 


My Spiritual Journey Continues For Me

Much Love To All of My Readers <3

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