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Short End of the Stick

You set your reality. Manifest your own greatness or be the curator of your own demise. You decide.

Short end of the stick, man I’m so tired of this sh**!

Ground breaking too quick, ain’t this about a blimp. 

They label everything; Go ahead and label this then!!

Swing and a miss!! Girl keep swinging, don’t miss.

Heart on a switch. Watch the wires, don’t trip. 

They don’t understand you. . . Not a reason to quit. 

You can offer understanding, and reasons for sh**. 

When it doesn’t pertain to you; you’re the only one you can’t fix. . .

So instead you break this stick, hold on to the short end of it.

And wonder when the song will end. What's the next record to spin?

However, when your life’s on repeat; do you claim your defeat?

Do you start being weak? Holding your speech?

Or do you fight with the best of you, don’t let it get to you?

Stand strong and hold your truth. . . Short end of the stick is getting the last bit of you. . .

The irony of this life can be. . . So intriguing to me.

You get what you get, yet on each mission you see what you see.

Nobody tells you that your desires can’t be. Yet it can only be you who sets your reality. 

2-13-17 KJ

Spread LOVE it’s the Brooklyn way. Peace and love family. Thank you again for your support 🙏🏽✊🏾

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Short End of the Stick
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