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In the Moon Beams Glow

As the light turned to darkness her heart became a flicker that brightened the world

There was a radiance that twirled through the mist of the night air

She danced upon the moonbeams glow

Adrift on the dewy grass beneath her tiny feet.

Angelic kisses of star dust flattered her skin as she ran beneath the moonlights glow

Knowing that as she closed her eyes tonight he would be in her dream

The man without a face and a soul that matched hers perfectly in tune

Like the strum of a guitar string they where like music notes floating through the sky

Their souls danced with a radiance that would draw the world in

An absolute new wonder for the world to take in ©


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Sharita Cormier
Sharita Cormier

Guys, I am a performer, singer, and writer. Earth has been extraordinary for me. Hiking through this place is intoxicating. Music, words, and fire feul my existance. I have two associates degrees. Completing the third is a task in it's own.

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