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She Wonders


She then laid out her hand and took his with an admiring look. She couldn’t muster the words to say and that’s when it hit her all at once. 

She needed to tell him, explain to him, show him everything she sees in him. Everything she feels about him, the words never came. Time passed and passed.

Then she knew what she needed to do.

10 years into marriage, 3 children, a home, a family pet, and a career full blown for them both.

She would write letters.

Letters for certain occasions, letters for happy moments, sad moments, hateful moments, pitiful moments, moments that she was filled with nothing but love and amazement.

First she would start with moments of lust for him.

Starting from the beginning she would write a story, the truth, of what has happened in the last two decades. The falls, the fights, the wonderful, the magical, and the breathtaking moments.

She’s starting to wonder if he truly read them.

She picks up a journal to start writing from day one.

Stares at the paper, and starts to cry.

She puts the book up, and walks away, shutting the door to an all too familiar feeling. 

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She Wonders
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