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She Red/Chaos


Single like always he was, Jeff partied, drunk, but didn’t smoke, but she did. Red dress lipstick, make up with hair as dark as night. He fell in love but soon his face full of fright, she was red, her skin demonic covered with sins. She was fed, he looked into her eyes and before you knew it, he was dead.


The whispers of space, are quite, its eyes sparkles. The darkness of the void, infinite, so small but big. As the voids egg crack, it explodes energy erodes. The chaos creates, it expands, love and hate. In his hands, made the earth, heaven, and seas. The power created and destroyed to create power. This of love and to destroy of hate, the creator, chaos.

Ink Mouse
Ink Mouse

Hey everyone! Kinda cool to be here, my might be all over the place because of the things I'm interested in. I hope everyone likes my content and if anyone has any pointers or opinions I'm all ears!!

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She Red/Chaos
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