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She, Like the Wolf

My Mate

White Beauty

Fierce, pure, and monogamous, she is a keeper of death to bring forth new life.

Her long and slender legs cascade with white laden-fur all the way down to her large paws-much bigger than any courtyard ladies’ paws.

The lustrous beast prances exquisitely on the frozen tundra as if she doesn’t know the brutal meaning of “cold.”

Her wooly winter coat is covered with a marvelous white sheen and polished by her curly pink bubble gum tongue to buff up and shine the fine alpha female.

Her multi-purpose tongue purifies red stained fur, removes brown splats from mud jumps, and validates her kinship with a multitude of kisses for the pack.

Sometimes her fur blends into a latte swirl of rock and snow.

Her long muzzle curves slightly upward at the end where her stern snout comprises the senses of a hundred human noses.

Winter steams then condenses then steams again from her panting breath.

Rocks in desolate isolation appear lifeless next to her fervent tracks. One set of prints lead out to the kill, and another returning to the den.

Her great howl of protection circulates the domain; a dinner bell ringing to congregate the youth.

She blazes a trail of bliss leading adventures through the trees and then securely brings her cubs back to the den.

In this majestic land she understands loyalty and responds instinctively to her kin’s howls.

A social denizen equipped with the familial bond and eagerness, she survives, protects and thrives in a land of feast and famine.

Well adapted at hunting both large and small creatures, she makes sure to snatch up lemmings and snow rabbits to stave off hunger between big hunts or even provide a nice side dish at supper.

She may in a day unleash her powerful masticators to take down caribou and then peacefully relax her skull crushing jaw to gently carry her cubs.

Her eyes are focused instruments of decision and revision to decipher the kill… Shall I have the fat one today or minimize injury by choosing the slower diseased one? She, the pruner, chews out the weak to enhance the strong and stabilize the herd.

With a desperate, heavy pant after hunting she rehabilitates her wounds, licking and nursing gashes inflicted in passionate battles; she obeys her imperative code imprinted in Lupine DNA.

Sophisticated and wise, she picks the male fit for the kill. Her selective howl calls for the alpha male, a matrimony for eternity.

She shows loyalty thought a howl, exposing glistening fangs, long, vicious and heart piercing.

With her tail erect, she howls a cry to mate and proliferate keeping the pack strong and stable.

Alpha male and female join, developing a nuclear family instinctively, redistributing the wealth stored in her genes.

Both will be fruitful in due time following January and February and will multiply and flourish in the cold land in the North.

In springtime she is playful. She flips a cub, flops a mouse, snarls, licks, and teases a louse.

Come summer she rendezvous with pups and elders on thawed soil, biting, choke-holding, growling, snarling and wrestling while aunts guard the cubs with vigilance.

Female logic, passion and loyalty interweaves millions of miles in between during storm, famine and long hunt.

I admire the cunning, mysterious, dangerous, radiant wolf.

She, like the wolf too, must captivate and inspire me to join in eternal matrimony.

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Tony Martello
Tony Martello

Tony Martello writes to transform the reader in under five minutes. He creates allegorical stories and poems that are designed to brighten up your day. He is a family man and surfer who loves to tell stories. He appreciates your tips!

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She, Like the Wolf
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