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She Knew

Flower Child Collection

she wasn’t looking for love. she had that already.

attachment is one of her biggest flaws.

attaching to energy that she knew would fuck up the balance of her inner peace.

attaching to people just for quick enlightenment.

attaching to people that met her needs

but see the detaching of the attachment is worse when that energy gave her comfort and release.

damn, when the energy filled every crack and crease.

when the energy could relate to her energy,

it was like a sample of euphoria,

and after that, her physical vessel kept wanting more of ya.

so she knew.

she knew if she would have kept it going

attractions would have kept growing

and feelings would begin to start showing.

so she began to prepare herself for the dethroning of that other energy’s Importance.

not because it was bad,

because it was more than worth it.

it wasn’t that complex to understand

her attachment and her energy couldn’t grasp that he was already a taken man.

she knew. ✨

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She Knew
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