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She Is

A shoutout to a faithful friend!


I see fire in her eyes! 

A depth of passion that she cannot hide, 

Even though I know she tries. 

She gets scared at times that she can be too much,

But she's just perfect, and shouldn't believe lies, like such! 

I say this, being one of the many whose life she has touched! 

She is joy personified! 

Her laughter loud and contagious is one of a kind, 

But I know the pain that underlies. 

Strength, how she embodies the word in every way, 

Because I know many nights she fights her thoughts, wide awake, 

Yet when the morning comes she embraces a new day. Now that's faith! 

She's a supporter, her compliments filled with sincerity, 

But sometimes I think she forgets her own greatness, in all honesty! 

I do pray that she loves herself, completely. 

She's fun, every moment with her is an adventure! 

Her design is a bubbly and beautiful character, 

It's always a blessing to have time with her! 

She's generous, she won't just go an extra mile, she'll run the whole marathon! 

She's one the best treasures I have stumbled upon. 

I hope our friendship always remains, even though for now, I'm gone. 

She's yellow!  A vibrant soul with depth, she's a light,  

A beacon of hope and encouragement through some of my darkest nights! 

And I know when I face a battle she's loyal will stand by me and fight. 

She is consumed with beauty! 

She is clothed in strength and beauty. 

She is an inspiration to me. 

- Chloe Scallan (2018)

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She Is
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