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What It Means to Me

When i used to think about the ocean i always thought about my future

About how I’m going to make it in the world

A name for myself

I would think about the endless horizon and hopes for new life

Life worth saving

About what i could do for something so much bigger than me

I used to think about a cause

And while that still is important

The only thing i want now is for you to see it

For us to sit on the shore and listen to the waves

I want you to love what i do

I want to stand where the waves barely cover our feet

I picture you watching me shift through the sand

Looking for shells no bigger than a grain of rice

You’re smiling

Because You have finally seen me worry free

My happy place is there and i want you to see that in my eyes

I promise you’ll love this piece of me even more than you did before

I want you here and i want you to know why 

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