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Shooting Stars

Let's go in time

To when you galloped on shooting stars

Over open flame

As I was choking on the fullness of your breath

Because I was starving on the paragraphs swallowed

Taking stance like soldiers under oath, much too soon

Barricaded by words your mother never said

You took atmospheres and shape-shifted them into plump oranges

Peeled them and left them under my feet

And on your red plate, they glared at me

I used to dance circles, but not this time

This time I tripped- because you told me to never look down

So I studied shards of red glass until I understood that this isn't all that we had left

There is freedom in the claw marks of our walls

And there is happiness etched into our bleeding fingertips

And I accept- willingly.

Succumbing to us.

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