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Shadows of the Mind

Poetry for the Lost

The Man on the Broken Cross

By: Tristan Lee

I am Broken, I am Lost.

For I’m the man dragged to the Broken Cross.

I am convicted to crimes of truth and lies.

Regardless they punish without a trial,

the one they despise.

I am Guilty, I am Lost.

For I’m the man chained to the Broken Cross

I have lied, I have harmed,

I gave in to the to lustful charm.

For the crimes I have done,

I have grown sad.

For the accusation of liars,

I have gone mad.

I am Punished, I am Lost.

For I’m the man whipped on the Broken Cross.

Deserted, Days go on and on,

My mind soon to be gone.

Number of days that go,

I don’t even know.

I watched the sun boil the ground to the falling frost to snow.

I am Tormented, I am Lost.

For I’m the man who lived on the Broken Cross

Soon my nerves ceased to exist,

My mind gone to the abyss.

My heart foiled to a crisps,

My breath finally slips.

I am Broken, I am Lost.

For I’m the man who died on the Broken Cross.

The Miner’s Song

By: Tristan Lee

So let my body down, So let my body down.

My soul no longer fit for this world,

So let my body down

Bang, Slam, Chip,

We won’t let our pickaxes slip.

Silver, Gold, and Diamonds as far as we see,

No god left to deliver me.

Buried in the strongest dirt grime,

preserve from the world and its time.

Our sins we cannot be saved,

so here we are digging our very own graves.

So let our bodies down, so let our bodies down.

Our souls no longer fit for this world.

So let our bodies down.

Our souls salty of our own greed,

a sin we consented to feed.

We fight the sands, we carry the water,

We scar the land, mountains no longer taller.

The rocks crushed, flushed in a stream,

the muddy mush, then leaving of gleam.

Yet when the powder burst, shattering the wall,

we give into a gluttonest curse, enter these jagged halls.

So let the bodies down, so let the bodies down.

These souls no longer fit for this world,

So let these bodies down.

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Shadows of the Mind
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